End Student Debt. Own your University.

          Since the late 11th century, Universities have been local, centralized, entities, operating as the arbiters of truth, knowledge, and education. In the traditional University system we have today, Boards, Trustees, Presidents, and Regents among others, control most of the governance structures employed within the primary educating systems of our world, ultimately marginalizing the very people the Universities serve in the first place, the Students.

         On the other hand, student debt has reached $1.75 trillion in the US alone. The world needs an answer, our nation needs an answer, and our children, the ones who will bear the brunt of our failures, deserve to live in a world where education is accessible to all.

         Our education system has failed us, Universities and the general public expect the government to subsidize our higher education, yet, the very educational institutions themselves have done little to quell the true reason our debt rate has hiked, that is, that the tuition rates our Universities set for entrance to their institutions have increased over 100% in the past 20 years.

         No amount of government spending can bandage a hole in the wall that keeps growing. But even then, sympathy must be administered to our failed institutions, for the hard problem they face, is that quality of education is directly proportional to the amount of money an educational system has to teach. In some ways we can’t blame Universities for charging more if it helps them provide a better education in the end.
          So, as a result of the inherent hard problem of education, the government cannot physically solve the issue of student debt alone. In this frame, it is our belief that Universities themselves not only must do more to bring down the student debt ratio, but the US government must empower universities to solve the student debt issue themselves, through the creation, amendment, and reformation of legislation that is in favor of innovative approaches for educational institutions to do so.
            Throughout the rest of this paper, we will present a novel approach for a higher educational system that unites the government and its educational institutions, together, with its financial markets, through the creation of University DAO, a tokenized University that aims to end student debt and empower our nation's scholars to truly own their university. 
         With that being said, University DAO is still largely in concept. Much of what is presented in this paper is subject to change and comes with its risks, assumptions, and flat out flaws. We hope that the readers of this document will come together to not only critique and absolutely bash the approach we’ve crafted, but to come together in order to form a more perfect University system that solves the hardest problems of education we face today.

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