Talha Khan
Product Manager + VC @ IBM
Previous: Software Engineer @ NASA
Alejandro Valenzuela
Student @ UTSA

Become an Advisor/Contributor

        As we create University DAO, we aim to be one of the few crypto projects that seeks to unite the common world with web3. In order to do so, we would like to put out a formal request for advisors and contributors in/for:

1.  Educational and non profit law
2. Endowment investing/creation
3. Securities/DAO/crypto law
4. The Department of Education
5. SEC and CFTC
6. Politicians
7. University Presidents and Deans
8. Degree program creation
9. Educators/professors
10. Web3/crypto engineers
11. VC’s
12. Web3/crypto Leaders
13. Crypto Whales
14. Economists
15. Donors of all kinds
16. And people of all kinds who seek to end or
reduce student debt in the world

If you'd like to become an advisor/contributor, email us at:

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